On 8 March 1969, GWR Banana Van 82554 arrived from Worcester.

It was originally built as a Mink A goods van to diagram V12, lot 576 at Swindon in 1908, and converted to the Fruit B in 1925, which involved removal of vents, and installation of insulation and end-centre shuttered louvre. It has a capacity of 10 tons.

Fruit B banana vans were built to transport bananas – with insulated bodies and fitted with steam heating to allow bananas to be shipped green and ripen en-route.

In GWR telegraphic code, Mink was a covered goods van and Fruit is obvious. The extra letter identifies variations, so the Mink A was a 16ft ventilated van versus the Mink G being a 21ft ordinary van.

82554 ended working life at Worcester, and was restored for storage use at SVR Bewdley. Following a major overhaul by the Wagon Dept completed in 1994, it is mostly used at BH MPD for storage.

GWR 4786

On 6 March 1926 GWR 4786 Full Third was completed at Swindon, one of 279 such carriages built between 1925 and 1929.

4786 is a Collett designed Bow-Ended 57ft full third coach, built to seat 64 passengers in eight compartments, with a side corridor and a toilet cubicle at each end. Having worked main line long distance services, and then cross country, it was withdrawn in 1960 and modified for S&T use at Shrewsbury. SVRH bought it in 1986 from the Coleham Depot.

Now owned by GW(SVR)A it is being returned to the fully lined GW livery to join the 1920s GW set.