4.50 from Paddington

On Feb 25 1987, Miss Marple’s 4.50 from Paddington was first broadcast, filmed on SVR.

It included multiple locos, and the use of the relaid section of the Stourport branch, which was necessary to film the sequences of parallel running trains. In the main scene 80079 hauled the 4.33 stopping all stations to Brackhampton, and 6960 hauled the 4.50. Then in another scene 4566 was filmed in the area of the safari park curve. Brackhampton was Bewdley platform 2, and the compartment they alighted from was on GWR 5883. Filming was from the Bewdley South signal box window, and the compartment window.

And on Feb 26 1858, at a special general meeting of the Severn Valley Railway Company, 19thc version, shareholder approval was given to the tender for the contract to construct the SVR branch – the lowest cost option.

As a result the Abandonment Bill was withdrawn and a Bill was enacted on 23 July to extend the time allowed for completion. Construction began in early August, with a new deadline of 23 July 1861.