9 March 1956 saw GWR diesel railcar W10W catch fire in the station. Passengers alighted safely, and the driver moved the railcar alongside the water column in an effort to save it.

The GWR AEC diesel railcar was a Collett design built in Swindon, introduced in 1933 and used occasionally on the whole line after WW2. 38 were built between 1933 and 1942. Generally successful apart from several which caught fire and burnt out.

Four examples remain in preservation including No 22 built in 1940 to a later design, now at Didcot. In its later days it worked around Worcester and frequently ventured onto the Severn Valley line. Withdrawn from service in 1962, No 22 worked on the SVR before going to Didcot in 1978.

Example of a railcar [Sellick collection]

Also on this day

in 1861 a navvy was injured in the cutting south of Victoria Bridge when a 20pound clod of earth fell on him from a height of some 30feet. He was taken to the doctor in Bewdley by fishing boat.

in 1985 D3022 hauled a passenger service for the first time, to replace 4930 which had failed.