Who are you calling a big lump

Our Wailing Wall construction company have been busy on the remedial work resulting from the former-buffet removal, including the rather big-and-heavy concrete slab which had the parking ticket machine affixed to it.

The machine will be reinstated when the heavy work is complete to provide a new base and power supply.
The lighting poles fastened to the former-buffet will also be reinstated in a new position.
It’s heavy dirty noisy tiring work and will take a lot of effort.

Wailing Wall update


Wailing Wall team members have been busy as ever.



Robin, Arthur and Dave, rebuilding the car park full sign




Mike in the tent where our benches get rebuilt and refurbished






A team effort to get the newly cast lamp standard over to platform 2 north end


A new roof on the signal box wood store



Four waste bins and a bench refurb


The four latest waste bins have received their final top coat paint finish in Light and Dark Stone.  Sixteen (ie four a-piece) six-inch sections of angle Dexion were cut ready to be attached to the bin legs to prevent the timber sitting in moisture.


In the tent the latest refurbished bench got its final coating of Buildings Chocolate Brown and will be put back into traffic on Tuesday on Platform 2. At this time the next bench will be transported to the tent workshop for attention.

WWCC Sat 27 Jan

On the weather front, it was just another dull and rainy January morning and the prospects didn’t look too bright either. Nevertheless, there were advances on several fronts.

The footbridge lamp standards got a second coat of ‘County Cream’.


More rationalisation of the stores was in evidence.

The hole on the pub wall was filled with a strong mortar mix, which will hopefully solve the damp wall at the rear entrance.


Under the heading of good housekeeping, the pub door onto the platform was rubbed down and painted in its first top coat.


The timetable boards were black painted. The shop window frames were washed down and reputtied ready for painting next week. A strip light cover was replaced in the ladies room. The canopy lights were wiped clean.



Following these small but important jobs, the workshop was left in the hands of those responsible for the current reorganisation.

The tent was rearranged to allow better access for the bench refurbishment operations.


WWCC Tues 23 Jan

Another grey day, but at least we had another good turnout.  Today’s main effort, involved finally getting the three remaining footbridge handrails in place, this was successfully completed and the footbridge left open to visitors.




The two Platform 2 extension markers were hammered into the ballast at the appropriate distance from the south end.  Elsewhere, we were made aware of a problem involving the DPM under the rear edge of the slates on the Plat 2 shelter, which was flapping in the breeze.  Approximately 12 feet of the material had to be repositioned under the edge of the slates, using ladders from the Loco Dept.

Finally, back in the shed. both footbridge lamp standards were rewired in the correct cable onto new lamp holders, the refurbished lampshades were given a coat of green paint on the outside, approximately the same colour as the original green enamel.




WWCC Sat 20 Jan

Working with the Wailing Wall is like waiting for a bus, sometimes you wait and next to nothing happens, then like today there are so many bodies in the workshop, you have trouble getting in to unload your stuff.  Still mustn’t complain about the attendance, only the weather which started out all drizzle and fog and later developed into full scale snow storm, which fortunately later turned back to rain.

Today’s activities included security matters in the workshop, to which end we now have super secure locks fitted to both tool storage areas either end of the shed.


More chocolate brown was applied to the Booking Hall doors out on to the platform.

Two new sections of point rodding were cut and drilled, to be used under the lamps from the footbridge. The lamp standards themselves were rubbed down and received a first coat of County Cream and Buildings Chocolate Brown as appropriate.

Two further sections were cut to form marker posts for the proposed extension southwards of Platform 2. these were sign written and await fixing when the weather permits.

The afore-mentioned weather precluded work to fit the footbridge handrails which are now completed and waiting in the tent.

The Railwayman’s Arms platform door outside face was given further paint-prep attention.


There was a need to shore up the tent which has suffered in the strong winds, to the extent that the curtain rail at the front had become unbolted, matters were put in hand to rectify the situation and maintain security.

The cubicle door inside faces in the Ladies Room were rubbed down and given a first coat of white gloss.

The reorganisation proceeds, albeit slowly, still as hopefully the weather improves then the pace will quicken.

WWCC Tue 16 Jan

Both the lamps were removed from the footbridge as part of the rewiring and refurbishment of this important item of infrastructure. They were then taken to the workshop, where a new temporary draw wire was pulled through the length of each fitting.  Attention was also given to seriously rusted sections, which were cleaned back to bare metal and coated in red oxide metal primer. The remainder of the fittings were washed down using white spirit ready for a light rub down prior to having new undercoat applied.

In the tent, the three remaining handrails had their previously applied dark undercoat sections coated in gloss black. We are intending, weather permitting to fit these on Saturday, after which a further top coat of black gloss will be applied when conditions are more conducive.

WWCC Sat 13 Jan

Another good turnout this weekend, our immediate attention was focussed on the new handrails for the footbridge. After slight modifications all three remaining handrails have now been trial fitted, and once the final top coat of black gloss has dried will be ready for final fixing.

The workshop is still in a state of flux as the final positioning of the rearranged facilities is still being organised. Some housekeeping was done outside around our compound and the skip area.  Inside, the floor was swept and the debris removed.  We have locally purchased a metal clad double switched socket, which will be hard wired in to replace an inadequate extension lead supplying the radiator.

IMG_6121Further paint treatments were applied to the Booking Office doors out on to the platform.

Extending north


Tuesday’s weather prospects weren’t looking good as dawn broke, however fortunately things picked up fairly quickly once the first barrowload of concrete was mixed. Firstly, the two remaining 3′ X 2.5′  slabs left from Saturday’s operations were laid.  Then, the four remaining 4′ x 3′ edging slabs were moved on pipe rollers from the side of the signal box to the north end, where they too were positioned and concreted into line. The resulting gap between the two sections of edging then amounted to approximately 12 feet.  This being the case we were able to summon the assistance of the JCB with its forks attachment, to load one 4′ X 3′ and two 3′ x 2.5′ slabs onto our P.way trolley and wheel them into position opposite where they were to be placed. Finally, having laid all the available whole slabs, all that was required was to measure the gap and cut a damaged slab to size and lay it. As it turned out, it was a brilliant days work, one which all those concerned can be proud of. Robin Pearson, WWCC

WWCC Tues 17 Nov


Today, even under the threat of gales associated with Atlantic Storm Barney, we managed a crew of seven to tackle the day’s operations. Chalky and Geoff set about excavating the ballast to let in the new troughing run under both sets of rails. The remainder of the crew set about some serious block and bricklaying.


In places from the position where the new ramp will start, we have now got seven courses of brickwork in place towards the south. This section is backed up with blocks to the same height. To give Colin a little break, other crew members have been involved with both brick and block laying. The next stage is to start the corbelling over the next four courses to the level where the platform edging slabs are ready to be installed.