fixing the buffet door lock

Laurie and Tim on Tuesday 7 Feb investigating the door lock into the staff end of the buffet, which had caused problems on Saturday. Hopefully with their prompt attention and knowledgeable action, the door lock will now work properly.


footbridge to town


This first footbridge of four steel lattice spanned between the station building entrance, crossing over Hollybush Road, and the New Road, was opened in 1786. In 1895 the GWR board gave the Bridgnorth Corporation permission to construct the abutment at the station end.

Inevitably when BR closed the railway in 1963, the footbridge deteriorated from lack of maintenance and was closed to use. In 1967 the council wanted to demolish it and a public appeal in 1969 raised £1,500, insufficient for its repair. So on 30 September 1970 the bridge was closed and the ends boarded up.

1 April 1974 saw Bridgnorth demoted to rural borough status and the loss of its powers as a highway authority, and to spend on the bridge upkeep. Later in the year it was sold to Severn Valley Railway for the nominal sum of £1 with the object of rebuilding it for £15k. Salop County Council would then maintain it. The SVR board decided they could not afford the £24,900 cost of repair and as it was sadly conceded not to be tenable, this bridge was dismantled in 1976.

lifting and positioning


Friday 26th Aug, 07 00hrs, our Wailing Wall team convened to attend the unloading and craning operation of the new temporary portacabin. With the minimum of effort on our part, three members of the contractors skilfully lifted and positioned into the restricted space on the platform 1 north extension. We will be coupling up the water supply, the drainage and of course the electrical mains cable directly. P.S. There is now No Access to the refreshment room from the cattle dock, which just demonstrates how skilled the craning crew were.

clearing the building site

With planning consent granted, the work to clear what will be the site of the new-build refreshment room and toilets has been hastened. All the ‘heritage’ paving blocks and railings are being removed and carefully stored for reuse. The flower tubs had already been moved to the south end of the buffet to camouflage the first appearance of visitors approaching from the station. Some of the railings are already in use around the platform 1 north end extension. The trees have all been lopped other than those that are staying temporarily to screen the building work. The small hut in the pics above has now been moved to a new site by the sleeping coaches.

The main item remaining is the corrugated shed that currently houses the Venturer prep kitchen and stores, the Bar office, and the On-Train Buffet store. These ‘tenants’ will be rehoused in the newly installed hired-in portacabin now in place adjacent to the station buffet. This is a temporary measure while the new-build is created and they have a permanent new home.

The corrugated shed is to be emptied and dismantled, and the components are then off for a new life at Bewdley Station. This will happen before Flying Scotsman’s visit so that the building work can commence ASAP thereafter. The contractor Iris will be fencing the new-build site securely to make the south end of the station safe for the hoards? of visitors expected for the Pacific Power crazy-days.



planning consent :)


So it’s happened. Planning consent for the much-needed improvements and extension to our facilities at Bridgnorth Station has been granted. Woohoo! Don’t under-estimate how many years’ work this has taken by a small group of absolutely-determined volunteers and their paid advisors. The consent (albeit with some conditions) is a credit to that determination.

This is the whole-site consented plan:

whole site plan

This comprises all the different areas of railway-owned land that we want to change. This whole-site approach is what was required by Shropshire Council. The timescale is debatable but certainly no less than ten years to complete everything, depending on funding…

This is the proposed floor plan:

new floor plan

This shows what will be demolished in the existing (grade II listed) main station building:

floor plan demolition

These show the effect on the elevations of the demolitions:

Model railways

In Bridgnorth Station Gift Shop we stock the high quality Bachmann make of model railway rolling stock. The OO gauge is in the Bachmann Branchline brand and the N gauge is branded Graham Farish.

To demonstrate the space needed for newcomers, we have two demonstration layouts in the ovals of track supplied in the train sets.

If you’re a modeller, have a look through these stock lists – we might have something you’ve been searching for!

n gauge stock list A-Z pdf format

oo gauge stock list A-Z pdf format

The shop is now open daily for the main season. Call 01746 765801 for mail order or email for prices.


WWCC Tues 17 Nov


Today, even under the threat of gales associated with Atlantic Storm Barney, we managed a crew of seven to tackle the day’s operations. Chalky and Geoff set about excavating the ballast to let in the new troughing run under both sets of rails. The remainder of the crew set about some serious block and bricklaying.


In places from the position where the new ramp will start, we have now got seven courses of brickwork in place towards the south. This section is backed up with blocks to the same height. To give Colin a little break, other crew members have been involved with both brick and block laying. The next stage is to start the corbelling over the next four courses to the level where the platform edging slabs are ready to be installed.