The new Refreshment Room

New build in glorious morning sun light

is open for business

Ooops the tree has gone .

the new 200 space west car park overlooking the station is progressing

Corn & flint gravel for the carpark footpath

the hardcore for the pedestrian pathway serving the new car park is in stock


Wailing Wall on the Gallop

Following Tuesday’s movement of the new lamp standards towards the top of the Donkey Gallop, it was decided to get the first three (of five) concreted into position, this was achieved with the aid of the JCB which allowed the posts to be accurately positioned before the concrete was applied.  It has to be said this was probably the easiest part of the operation, the two remaining posts have to be manhandled down the Donkey Gallop, under the handrail, then brought to the upright position, all without the aid of a JCB and without damage to the steps of the Donkey Gallop.  Additionally, we still have to dig a one foot deep trench between all five lamp standards to take the steel wired armoured cable and make provision for getting the cable to each lamp head.

Elsewhere modifications were made to the door hinges in the Railwaymen’s Arms, more paint was applied to the new gates under construction to replace those between the Signal Box and the Wendy Hut, and further progress was noted in the bench refurbishment in the tent.



Our north level crossing

has been closed for the contractors to carry out heavy duty groundworks to provide the best possible conditions for the demands on this small part of the station site…

reinforcing mess fitted prior to concreting

Bridgnorth Station was not designed, way back 150 odd years ago, for the traffic it now gets.

Road cleaning after mixer has left site

So we are the ‘motive power depot’ for the preserved steam railway, but we are also the northern terminus. It’s a difficult combination.

Setting the expantion bars

It means that VERY heavy engineering requirements have to be in the same space ~(though not at the same time…) that VERY valued visitors need to cross over the route from where there is space to park.

Setting the shuttering pans ready for mesh and concrete

The former ‘overflow’ parking ‘field’ is being transformed into a carefully surfaced illuminated 200-space car park for our very valued visitors. With the topography of the station site, they will still have to traverse the ‘level crossing’ that provides for run-rounds and locomotive movements – hence the current groundworks mentioned at the start. Everyone at the station fervently looks forward to the completion of ALL the building works!