fence painting

How many Wailing Wall orange army team members does it take to paint the new boilershop crossing pedestrian protection fence….?


steelwork lace

The site has become rather muddy due to the heavy rain. Each day another section of the reinforcing is laced together to form more of the ground beams required and some of these have been cast. More of the timber and plywood needed for building the shuttering has been delivered in anticipation of further deliveries of concrete. This work will carry on until all the ground beams are completed and preparation will then be made to create the building slab that will sit on top.

Stores keeping

Our #wailingwall workshop and stores is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of reclaimed, donated, acquired, bought and salvaged ironmongery, bits and pieces of every size and type. One of our number, Geoff, is a bit of a computer lover (and plane-spotter) and has been applying himself to reorganising the myriad mass of miscellaneous things therein. Linbins in red and yellow are now filled and labelled and his spreadsheets are a work of wonder.