beams and piles

This week further progress with the ground beams is taking place with those adjacent to the platform now being constructed. The reinforcement steel cages have now been made up but before these can be lowered into place and shuttered up ready for concreting, a great deal of preparation work is required.

The top of the concrete piles are intentionally left longer than needed so that they can be cropped down to an accurate level in order to tie them into the ground beams. The steel pile casing is cut to the required height then the concrete chiselled off to match. This may seem a backwards way of doing things, but it is much better to have spare height on the piles than for them to be too short.

Elsewhere on site preparations are being made to construct a series of four brick test panels. A pallet of the bricks to be used on the building have been acquired and the test panels will allow selection of the preferred combination of aggregate and mortar colour to be chosen. In addition, a beautiful Edwardian fireplace very similar to the one that adorns Highley waiting room has been obtained. This will form a centrepiece within the refreshment rooms

a lot of concrete

… has been poured into that steelwork lace, creating the ground beams that will support our new refreshment room. We are told that the foundation work will be completed by end of next month. Read more about this here


Over the last week or so the contractors have been excavating the ground around the piles then assembling the complicated array of reinforcing steelwork. This may look like a tangle of steel rods but their layout is carefully calculated by the structural engineer to take the loads that will ultimately be placed upon the foundations. Schedules are drawn up showing the different size rods and the order of assembly. The steel rods are then laid out and wired together to form the shapes you can see in the pictures.



a quick recap, 2016




November, December – contractor moves in to undertake the piling works necessary to make a stable foundation on which to construct the new building



August, September, October – preparatory work by station volunteers to dismantle the corrugated hut and totally clear the site – including fetching out the spear-top fencing to be reused in the new design. pics and text at

16 August 2016, granting of planning permission