Clever design work on the terrace

18.3.21 2

The work on site has unfortunately been set back by the recent return of very cold weather which has delayed again the installation of the zinc roof. This in turn has further delayed the slate roof as this has to follow the zinc roof due to the overlapping arrangement where the two meet. The good news is that the long awaited Penrhyn slates have arrived at the building merchants and can be delivered very quickly to site when required.

18.3.21 7

All of the sarking felt and battens have been fitted in readiness for the pitch roof which is now expected to commence on the 2nd of April.

18.3.21 5

Facias have also been fitted to both east and west elevations and indeed some of the cast iron guttering is being mounted in place.

18.3.21 4

18.3.21 3

The bespoke hopper heads for the zinc roof are now installed to allow the formation of the rainwater run offs into these.


 Internally, the drainage points required for the kitchen floor have been fitted in preparation for the screeding that will be started shortly. The walkway boards in the loft space have been laid which will allow the ceilings to be started.

18.3.21 6

 The extension to the terrace which allows the doubling of the area available to external seating has also commenced. A series of small pile are being driven in the small segment of land that became available when the site was cleared and graded. This area had not previously been identified as being usable but some clever design work has allowed this to be utilised.


windows, adding spirit and style

Who normally goes about taking pictures of windows? Beautiful, custom-built, hardwood framed, to authentic Great Western design?


Well everyone can now. Even through the scaffolding poles they look wonderful.


They have been lovingly handmade in the workshops of Kidderminster based joinery experts C R Hobby & Son, established over 45 years. In their own words, as they are each carefully fitted, they are ‘adding spirit and style’ to the appearance of our long-awaited new-build.


Today there was sunshine for much of the day, greatly welcomed after the last few days!



Putting soul into our new build


The chimneys are completed and really look the part. The installation of the windows and doors has commenced and it is readily apparent that this will put some soul into the building.


The large amount of cast iron guttering required was supplied in natural finish but this has been painted up in a specially installed heated container and is ready for fitting.


The flat roof is just waiting for the weather to improve as the zinc covering requires a rising temperature above 7.5 degrees C to shape around the formers without tearing. The subcontractors are forming as much off site as possible in heated workshops to speed up the installation.


The roofing slates are due for delivery on 8th March with the main pitch roof work starting on the 12th.  We are nearing a time where the scaffolding will be dismantled to reveal the true character of the building and early indications are that it will be magnificent.

In the services room located in the adjacent listed building, all the underground ducts are in along with various cables. The exterior approach has been 75% reinstated and the only remaining task is installing a concrete floor and internal block wall which will be carried out by station volunteers.


48d421_d06ccd05276145359895715d6f9f683f~mv2The current work in progress on site has been concentrating on the rear flat roofs with the completion of the parapet walls that surround the flat roof areas. The brickwork for the buffet chimney is now complete and all chimneys await a visit from Stourport Crane Hire to place the heavy stone caps and pots into position. Inside the building preparation work has been taking place in readiness to the laying of the floor insulation and screeding. Elsewhere, the main power cable has been installed and awaits final connection along with the imminent laying of a new BT cable that will allow the removal of the unsightly overhead arrangements that exist at present.



New build roof

The severe snowfalls experienced before Christmas caused the best part of a week to be lost on site. The planned temporary covering over the roof was not effected and unfortunately this led to the roof trusses being exposed longer than we would have liked to the weather. The temporary roof covering will shortly be installed and allow the drying out to begin.


The rear flat roof of the toilets and buffet are now in a position to accept the specialist contractors to apply the zinc covering.


The buffet chimney stack is nearing completion to cap level in readiness for all the stone chimney caps and pots to be lifted into position with a crane.


Inside, all of the gaps left in the interior walls for ease of movement within the building have been closed up.

The new power cable was due to be installed but has had to be postponed due to the owner of vehicle parked above the connection point disappearing on holiday.


Three GWR style wall light brackets are being fabricated to be mounted on the building with appropriate style lamps.