48d421_d06ccd05276145359895715d6f9f683f~mv2The current work in progress on site has been concentrating on the rear flat roofs with the completion of the parapet walls that surround the flat roof areas. The brickwork for the buffet chimney is now complete and all chimneys await a visit from Stourport Crane Hire to place the heavy stone caps and pots into position. Inside the building preparation work has been taking place in readiness to the laying of the floor insulation and screeding. Elsewhere, the main power cable has been installed and awaits final connection along with the imminent laying of a new BT cable that will allow the removal of the unsightly overhead arrangements that exist at present.




New build roof

The severe snowfalls experienced before Christmas caused the best part of a week to be lost on site. The planned temporary covering over the roof was not effected and unfortunately this led to the roof trusses being exposed longer than we would have liked to the weather. The temporary roof covering will shortly be installed and allow the drying out to begin.


The rear flat roof of the toilets and buffet are now in a position to accept the specialist contractors to apply the zinc covering.


The buffet chimney stack is nearing completion to cap level in readiness for all the stone chimney caps and pots to be lifted into position with a crane.


Inside, all of the gaps left in the interior walls for ease of movement within the building have been closed up.

The new power cable was due to be installed but has had to be postponed due to the owner of vehicle parked above the connection point disappearing on holiday.


Three GWR style wall light brackets are being fabricated to be mounted on the building with appropriate style lamps.


beams and piles

This week further progress with the ground beams is taking place with those adjacent to the platform now being constructed. The reinforcement steel cages have now been made up but before these can be lowered into place and shuttered up ready for concreting, a great deal of preparation work is required.

The top of the concrete piles are intentionally left longer than needed so that they can be cropped down to an accurate level in order to tie them into the ground beams. The steel pile casing is cut to the required height then the concrete chiselled off to match. This may seem a backwards way of doing things, but it is much better to have spare height on the piles than for them to be too short.

Elsewhere on site preparations are being made to construct a series of four brick test panels. A pallet of the bricks to be used on the building have been acquired and the test panels will allow selection of the preferred combination of aggregate and mortar colour to be chosen. In addition, a beautiful Edwardian fireplace very similar to the one that adorns Highley waiting room has been obtained. This will form a centrepiece within the refreshment rooms