Looking back, part 1

On the spring equinox, we’re looking back. May 1970 saw public steam trains running from Bridgnorth to Hampton Loade.

1971 was the first full year of SVR operation.

1972 saw the new holding company floated so that shares could be sold to fund the purchase of the southern section of the line. The season began 4 March. Four days of running at Easter had 6,400 passengers making 13,000 journeys.

During 1973 lots of locos arrived – 4141, 5164, 7819, 4930, 78019, 7714, 75069, 42968.

1974 saw the Light Railway Transfer Order granted in March to extend the line from Hampton Loade to Bewdley. Easter weekend had services between Hampton Loade and Highley with the first passenger service at 9.30 from Bridgnorth with GWR Railcar 22, followed by No 600 Gordon at 12.45.

Then on 18 May the line opened from Highley to Arley and Bewdley. The first steam service from the new MPD at Bewdley was by No 5764, and No 43106 from Bridgnorth. Daily running during the summer season was extended to five weeks. In July, 46521 became the first Barry restoration to enter service.

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