Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) Ltd was incorporated on 15 March 1972 to finance the purchase of the southern section of the line through the public share issue and to be responsible for overall policy decisions affecting the whole railway.

It was then re-registered as a public limited company on 15 March 1982 as company law changed in 1981, requiring limited liability companies whose shares may be freely sold and traded to the public to include PLC as a part of the legal company name.

SVRH owns the infrastructure – lines and stations, plus three steam locos, four operational diesel locos, and some carriages (full list). SVRH employs the paid staff and operates the trains. SVRH is responsible for safety, and provides contract engineering services. SVRH operates our shops, pubs and refreshment rooms.

SVRH shareholders are entitled to attend the AGM, but as an unlisted company, shares are not quoted on any trading platform. Issued share capital exceeds £10,700,000. There is no dividend – shareholders receive benefits based on their holding, and this gets revised by the SVRH board of directors – most recently from 2022

The Severn Valley Railway Company Ltd (limited by guarantee) has the largest shareholding at over 1.8m. The Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd has some 25k shares, many donated by shareholders with small holdings to support its work.

Also on this day,

in 1964, the signal box at Buildwas was taken out of use by BR

in 2020, the public train service was terminated due to government restrictions brought about by the pandemic covid-19 … as it turned out for 139 days as services did not recommence until 1 August.

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