planning the bypass

On this day in 1973 SVR’s civil engineer was instructed to begin preparation of a planning application for the bypass bridge.

An EGM of the Guarantee Company was held on 18 May 1973, with around 300 members who attended being asked if the Company should raise the money to build the bridge or abandon Bridgnorth. The decision was taken, with only one vote against, to build the bridge.

From reopening of the SVR in 1970, a proportion of fare revenue had been set aside in a dedicated trust fund to pay for the construction of this bridge. Further fund raising initiatives began following the EGM, and in 1974 an SVRA raffle raised around £800.

After some considerable delay, the SVR was informed by the County Council in early 1982 that the bypass was ‘all systems go’ and that the SVR would be required to fulfil their part of the Agreement and build the necessary bridge to carry the line over it. However an amicable agreement was reached between the SVR and Shropshire County Council, with the Council agreeing to make a substantial contribution towards the cost of the bridge

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