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1937, the 10 lever frame signal box at Burnt Mill Junction, originally ordered in 1894 between Shrewsbury and Berrington, was taken out of use by the GWR.

Berrington was the first station south of Shrewsbury, 4.25 miles away on the original Severn Valley line. On the opening of the line on 1 February 1862, it had a single platform and siding, with the station building on the east (Cross Houses) side of the line. On 14 June 1893 the GWR authorised the construction of a passing loop with a platform shelter. The Up platform was also extended, and a signal box and more significant sidings provided. In 1922 the station had a staff of 6.

On 2 February 1963 the goods yard was closed by BR. The station itself closed on 9 September, when passenger services between Bewdley and Shrewsbury were withdrawn by BR. Through freight services continued until 30 November.

The line through Berrington was maintained in working order for the move of boilers and other large equipment to Ironbridge power station on 22 April 1966, then the line south of Berrington was completely closed and the track lifted.

In common with all stations on the Severn Valley Railway, revenue from freight exceeded that from passenger services, and the fall in number of tickets sold between 1903 and 1938 was proportionately greater at Berrington than any other station on the branch.

Stations on the Severn Valley branch line between Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury were Linley, Coalport, Jackfield Halt, Ironbridge, Buildwas, Cressage, Cound Halt, Berrington.

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  1. Fantastic stuff! Freight is so very important to the railway history – including fresh items (milk, meat, veg, fish) that previously couldn’t be moved far away and stay fresh. It wasn’t called “Express Dairies” for no good reason…..

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