ex-Pensnett five upper sections


#OnThisDay in 1969 the five upper sections of the ex-Pensnett signal box were lifted into place at Bridgnorth

Bridgnorth has had a number of signal boxes during its existence.

Initially construction of two boxes was authorised in 1891 and these were brought into use in October 1892.

Bridgnorth North signal box was situated north of the station on the Down side, where the two lines converged into the single line. The foundations can still be made out on the embankment side.

Bridgnorth South Signal Box was at the south end of the station on the Up side, opposite Pan Pudding Hill where it could control access to the goods yard. A photo of the latter box circa 1900 appears in SVR news edition 44.

In 1923 both boxes were replaced by a large single central signal box. It was far larger than Bridgnorth Station layout really required with many spaces in the lever frame.

This was future-proofing for alterations required for the planned line to Wolverhampton that was never constructed. This was closed by BR on 2 December 1963, and the upper structure was demolished in 1965 just before the arrival of the SVR Society.

The masonry base of the former central signal box was originally slightly longer than it is today. Evidence of this truncation may be found by inspection of the brickwork towards the northern end on the front wall.

The upper timber section was replaced by an ill-fitting box originally built in 1925 which was relocated from Pensnett in December 1968 and erected during the following year.

The frame originated from Windmill End Junction signal box, with parts of the interlocking and signalling instruments taken from Arley signal box, which would later require that box in turn to be re-equipped when the SVR extended southwards.


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