Brickie needed…

A cheerful Wailing Wall team of Chalkie, Alan, Tim, Pete, and new recruit Malcolm setting the base plate of the parking ticket machine at the correct depth on a slab of fresh concrete. Most of the brick paving along the front of the store hut was reinstated after the power trunking was laid into position.
WWCC need a brickie! If you or a friend are a retired brickie fancying a new hobby [we meet Tue & Sat] in great humoured company… please get in touch?

Who are you calling a big lump

Our Wailing Wall construction company have been busy on the remedial work resulting from the former-buffet removal, including the rather big-and-heavy concrete slab which had the parking ticket machine affixed to it.

The machine will be reinstated when the heavy work is complete to provide a new base and power supply.
The lighting poles fastened to the former-buffet will also be reinstated in a new position.
It’s heavy dirty noisy tiring work and will take a lot of effort.