Our signal box

is at the north end of the station and has been completely refurbished by our dedicated volunteers of the Wailing Wall Construction Company. And with the departure of the contractor cabins, is now visible in its entirely – along with a significant area of our car park.

Are we happy?


Our north level crossing

has been closed for the contractors to carry out heavy duty groundworks to provide the best possible conditions for the demands on this small part of the station site…

reinforcing mess fitted prior to concreting

Bridgnorth Station was not designed, way back 150 odd years ago, for the traffic it now gets.

Road cleaning after mixer has left site

So we are the ‘motive power depot’ for the preserved steam railway, but we are also the northern terminus. It’s a difficult combination.

Setting the expantion bars

It means that VERY heavy engineering requirements have to be in the same space ~(though not at the same time…) that VERY valued visitors need to cross over the route from where there is space to park.

Setting the shuttering pans ready for mesh and concrete

The former ‘overflow’ parking ‘field’ is being transformed into a carefully surfaced illuminated 200-space car park for our very valued visitors. With the topography of the station site, they will still have to traverse the ‘level crossing’ that provides for run-rounds and locomotive movements – hence the current groundworks mentioned at the start. Everyone at the station fervently looks forward to the completion of ALL the building works!



Our new toilets

are nearly ready…


The general manager said on 30 November that SVR is very close to taking possession of the Refreshment Room and Toilet Building at Bridgnorth from Iris Construction who have been working through a small snagging list before they hand us the keys. And next week will see the removal from site of all contractors’ cabins and remaining materials.


“Once we are able to freely access the building, the priority will be to open the toilets up to the public as soon as possible to replace the existing facilities. There will then follow a period of setting up the interior with items such as tables, chairs, curtains, fire irons and other essential items in order to make ready for public use. The kitchen staff will also require training on the new equipment and plant.”


The intention is to fully open the Refreshment Room at half term reopening, but it is anticipated that there will be a “soft” opening before then in order to shakedown the equipment and ensure its smooth operation when launched.