Signal box

refurbishment is not something easily done when the box is sited where ours is, at the north end of a busy platform, where travellers like to crowd to view their loco up close, and where the upper floor needs scaffolding for safe working.


It has taken a long time to organise but in the last few weeks our somewhat shabby signal box has been surrounded by all the metalwork needed to provide access close up, and our Wailing Wall team members have been doing a tremendous job.

The intensive refurbishment is now nearing completion, and the workmanship is of course excellent and impressive, comprising many many lengths of specially commissioned timber cladding, many tins of paint, completely rebuilt window frames, and even more paint.


are an important element in our station ‘street scene’ at Bridgnorth, and are well used by visitors taking in the air, and patrons of the pub.

A good turnout by our Wailing Wall team members enabled a complete rearrangement of our benches – ready for the opening of our new refreshment room.


for our new 200 space west car park is in its final few weeks, due for completion 24 December.

Evidence of the work is visible at the south end of the station, with the embankment to the new refreshment room being sculptured, netted and planted. The new footpath from the donkey gallop steps is paved and lit with matching lamp standards and the exit road around the second field (at the foot of the panpudding hill) is visible from the platform.

The new car park is due to be open for our twelve days of ‘festive service’ on 26 December.

Just days to go…

to the departure of the building contractor’s compound and cabins, and the start of a big tidy up at the south end of the station.


In the meantime, here are some images taken on Saturday.

Our Wailing Wall team colleagues have been painting the railings, posts, modesty panel, so speed up progress and ensure a top quality finish of the appropriate GW colours. We’ve got through a few tins of paint and the finish is evident to close inspection.