SVR Bridgnorth Station

The spiritual home of Severn Valley Railway

March 2018

  • Drinks on the terrace?

    The extension to the terrace which allows the doubling of the area available to external seating has commenced. A series of small piles are being driven in the small segment of land that became available when the site was cleared and graded. This area had not previously been identified as being usable but some clever… Continue reading

  • Four waste bins and a bench refurb

    The four latest waste bins have received their final top coat paint finish in Light and Dark Stone.  Sixteen (ie four a-piece) six-inch sections of angle Dexion were cut ready to be attached to the bin legs to prevent the timber sitting in moisture. In the tent the latest refurbished bench got its final coating… Continue reading

  • Clever design work on the terrace

    The work on site has unfortunately been set back by the recent return of very cold weather which has delayed again the installation of the zinc roof. This in turn has further delayed the slate roof as this has to follow the zinc roof due to the overlapping arrangement where the two meet. The good… Continue reading

  • windows, adding spirit and style

    Who normally goes about taking pictures of windows? Beautiful, custom-built, hardwood framed, to authentic Great Western design? Well everyone can now. Even through the scaffolding poles they look wonderful. They have been lovingly handmade in the workshops of Kidderminster based joinery experts C R Hobby & Son, established over 45 years. In their own words,… Continue reading

  • Snow! – aka #Wemustbemadbutwemustloveit

    And so we have had snow, the kind of snow that is light and fluffy and the individual snowflakes are clearly visible, and the kind that can get blown around in enormous drifts if it is windy. And it has been windy too. So we have had huge snowdrifts that have piled up and made… Continue reading

  • Putting soul into our new build

    The chimneys are completed and really look the part. The installation of the windows and doors has commenced and it is readily apparent that this will put some soul into the building. The large amount of cast iron guttering required was supplied in natural finish but this has been painted up in a specially installed… Continue reading

  • County Boundary back to line speed

    A flurry of ballast trains using our recently acquired “Sea Cow” hoppers and a four day visit from the tamper ensured all was ready for the half term trains. The track at County Boundary has been returned to line speed and improved riding along the line in general has been reported. The ‘plain line’ (rather… Continue reading

About US

Originally opened in 1862 Bridgnorth was the principal intermediate station and crossing point between Hartlebury and Shrewsbury. After its last BR passenger service in September 1963 it was saved by preservationists and reopened to Hampton Loade in 1970. We have the only listed building on the Severn Valley Railway, grade II first listed in 1974, and many other unique features which we’ll tell you about here.