County Boundary re-ballast

At County Boundary, the last part of the work is being carried out so that the line can be returned to line speed at that location.



This involves the removal of 70 meters of track and the excavation of the ground below the normal ballast level.



This is composed mostly of ash and the resultant spoil is being shifted to location at the former Kinlet Colliery sidings.




The lower part of the excavation has a plastic “geomesh” laid and imported fresh stone material deposited to a depth of 300mm.



This is overlaid with another layer of geomesh followed by ballast to a depth of 450mm.



The track is then re-laid, ballasted and finally tamped. This work (recommended by the SVR’s consulting engineer) will ensure that we do not suffer future settlement problems as a result of the slip and subsequent remedial works. It has of course resulted in diversion of resources from some of our other planned relaying work but will hopefully negate further visits to the site to repack. (pics by Leigh King, PW Dept staff)

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