WWCC Sat 20 Jan

Working with the Wailing Wall is like waiting for a bus, sometimes you wait and next to nothing happens, then like today there are so many bodies in the workshop, you have trouble getting in to unload your stuff.  Still mustn’t complain about the attendance, only the weather which started out all drizzle and fog and later developed into full scale snow storm, which fortunately later turned back to rain.

Today’s activities included security matters in the workshop, to which end we now have super secure locks fitted to both tool storage areas either end of the shed.


More chocolate brown was applied to the Booking Hall doors out on to the platform.

Two new sections of point rodding were cut and drilled, to be used under the lamps from the footbridge. The lamp standards themselves were rubbed down and received a first coat of County Cream and Buildings Chocolate Brown as appropriate.

Two further sections were cut to form marker posts for the proposed extension southwards of Platform 2. these were sign written and await fixing when the weather permits.

The afore-mentioned weather precluded work to fit the footbridge handrails which are now completed and waiting in the tent.

The Railwayman’s Arms platform door outside face was given further paint-prep attention.


There was a need to shore up the tent which has suffered in the strong winds, to the extent that the curtain rail at the front had become unbolted, matters were put in hand to rectify the situation and maintain security.

The cubicle door inside faces in the Ladies Room were rubbed down and given a first coat of white gloss.

The reorganisation proceeds, albeit slowly, still as hopefully the weather improves then the pace will quicken.

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