footbridge to town


This first footbridge of four steel lattice spanned between the station building entrance, crossing over Hollybush Road, and the New Road, was opened in 1786. In 1895 the GWR board gave the Bridgnorth Corporation permission to construct the abutment at the station end.

Inevitably when BR closed the railway in 1963, the footbridge deteriorated from lack of maintenance and was closed to use. In 1967 the council wanted to demolish it and a public appeal in 1969 raised £1,500, insufficient for its repair. So on 30 September 1970 the bridge was closed and the ends boarded up.

1 April 1974 saw Bridgnorth demoted to rural borough status and the loss of its powers as a highway authority, and to spend on the bridge upkeep. Later in the year it was sold to Severn Valley Railway for the nominal sum of £1 with the object of rebuilding it for £15k. Salop County Council would then maintain it. The SVR board decided they could not afford the £24,900 cost of repair and as it was sadly conceded not to be tenable, this bridge was dismantled in 1976.


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