planning consent :)


So it’s happened. Planning consent for the much-needed improvements and extension to our facilities at Bridgnorth Station has been granted. Woohoo! Don’t under-estimate how many years’ work this has taken by a small group of absolutely-determined volunteers and their paid advisors. The consent (albeit with some conditions) is a credit to that determination.

This is the whole-site consented plan:

whole site plan

This comprises all the different areas of railway-owned land that we want to change. This whole-site approach is what was required by Shropshire Council. The timescale is debatable but certainly no less than ten years to complete everything, depending on funding…

This is the proposed floor plan:

new floor plan

This shows what will be demolished in the existing (grade II listed) main station building:

floor plan demolition

These show the effect on the elevations of the demolitions:

One thought on “planning consent :)”

  1. This looks very promising.
    But there seem to be no drawings showing the elevations of the new building that will contain toilets, kitchen and restaurant. Are these available somewhere? Can they be added to this page? (I’m sure we’d all like to see them and be reassured that they’ll be in keeping with the appearance of the existing station building.)

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