clearing the building site

With planning consent granted, the work to clear what will be the site of the new-build refreshment room and toilets has been hastened. All the ‘heritage’ paving blocks and railings are being removed and carefully stored for reuse. The flower tubs had already been moved to the south end of the buffet to camouflage the first appearance of visitors approaching from the station. Some of the railings are already in use around the platform 1 north end extension. The trees have all been lopped other than those that are staying temporarily to screen the building work. The small hut in the pics above has now been moved to a new site by the sleeping coaches.

The main item remaining is theĀ corrugated shed that currently houses the Venturer prep kitchen and stores, the Bar office, and the On-Train Buffet store. These ‘tenants’ will be rehoused in the newly installed hired-in portacabin now in place adjacent to the station buffet. This is a temporary measure while the new-build is created and they have a permanent new home.

The corrugated shed is to be emptied and dismantled, and the components are then off for a new life at Bewdley Station. This will happen before Flying Scotsman’s visit so that the building work can commence ASAP thereafter. The contractor Iris will be fencing the new-build site securely to make the south end of the station safe for the hoards? of visitors expected for the Pacific Power crazy-days.



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